Brandnew Strategy

Brand New Strategy

Brand New Strategy was founded in 2006 in Barcelona, Spain and is staffed with a multidisciplinary pool of experts in skill areas such as project management, business and startup process consulting, marketing and sales implementation, digital strategy development, and creative communication and design.

We  are a team of solid strategic consultants who help companies develop a road map of entry points to foster social business and guide them through the opportunity to deepen relationships with clients and partners by removing communication barriers and researching and identifying new brand and marketing opportunities.

We strive to create long-term value for our partners and clients and we are committed to doing business the right way by:

–          Defining and articulating business and project objectives

–          Providing strong, expert leadership from the start of a project.

–          Development of organisational frameworks

–          Identifying and evaluating new marketing opportunities

–          Market and product opportunity evaluation

–          Seeking input from customers early in the process

–          Tracking, promoting and processing sales.

–          Promoting brand awareness, amplify brand and product messages, grow active communities and engage consumers and fans.

–          Consulting, strategy and executing to direct the proper implementation, maintainance and growth of digital channels and communities that will further build the brand image, and strenghten a loyal customer base and community.

–          Drafting and development of strategic plans to provide successful and sustainable transformation efforts and actions to manage business and communication change.

–         Providing insight, concepts and communication tools that reflect brand values, and ensure creative elements have a relevant message and impart a consistent image.


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