The Business of Choice

The Business of Choice

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«I think marketers study things that are related to behavior. They study attitudes, they study beliefs, they study perceptions, they’ll study memories of brands and the relationships people have with them. But it seems to me that these are all under investigation in the service of predicting behavior. Why don’t we examine those things that are bridges and links of an imperfect sort to behavior when we can study behavior itself?» Robert Cialdini


The business of choice


«In the world of commercial market research, most studies are designed to answer a specific brand question. In contrast, very few of the science experiments discussed in this book were designed to cast light on a specific brand or business issue. But all of them reveal something about human nature that could be relevant to helping get your brand chosen, or creating the behavior change you need for your organization to succeed (which is, of course, why they are in the book). If this book does nothing more than spark some thoughts as to how you can engineer behavioral change, I’ll be very happy.» The Business of Choice. Matthew Willcox




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